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Do we live in a perfect environment that produces electromagnetic whispers of easy listening music and energetically perfect fields? What is the biologically correct “easy listening music” electromagnetic field? The Schumann Resonances show the earths normal level at 7.83 Hz with further resonance modes (overtones) being detected in the Earths background radio noise at 6.5 Hz and peaks of 14.3, 20.8, 27.3 and 33.8 Hz. These Schumann overtones appear to be essential for our bodies and if blocked or overtaken by other higher frequencies we appear to be more susceptible to illness, compromised immunity, depression and loss of cell membrane integrity.  Unfortunately very few of us have that natural “earthing” environment. More probably we are surrounded by concrete and steel blocking us from the earth’s natural electromagnetic field. We are bombarded by noxious and harmful signals of “electrosmog” that jar our cells out of tune. So what are the PEMF concerns of electrosmog on our wellness and what is defined as electrosmog?

What are some PEMF concerns of Electrosmog we are exposed to?

PEMF Concerns of Electrosmog

We drive in magnetized and electrically charged cars, buses, trains. We are surrounded by cell phone towers, electromagnetic pollution from devices within our home, work and most play environments. We go to the gym and work out on electrical elliptical machines, bikes & treadmills.

Check out this Gauss House and add up for yourself the amount of milliGauss (mG) magnetic field in your environment! Download this PDF from of the different Gauss levels from electrical and power operated devices and equipment around your home. What level of exposure do you add up to in a day, a week, a month, a year or 50 years? Add your totals up. Most of the literature cites readings of 0-2mG (milliGauss) as the safe range while 2 -7 is considered medium and above that as high risk. For example an electric alarm clock at normal operating distance is rated at 1-12 milliGauss but if you are directly adjacent to your unit it could be anywhere from 50 – 450 milliGauss! How close do you sleep to your electric alarm clock? How many hours a day are you exposed to just this one device? What about all the others?

Our cells will resonate or tune to an outside stimulus within 8 minutes. How long are you or your familyPendulumActionReaction exposed to “electrosmog” for? More than 8 minutes? So what would be considered a “safe” level or a level that would enhance not interrupt the natural healing/regeneration process? What could be the cumulative effect on our health or the PEMF concerns of electrosmog with being exposed to multiple devices all emitting frequencies above the Earths normal 7.83 Hz level. What is the potential risk of damaged cells after repeated exposure for years at a time?

Add that to our poor quality of water, food and air which produces more environmental pollution to our bodies and under-energized nutrition. What will be the inevitable outcome? Increased Disease? Cancer possibly at a rate of 1 in 2 (Men) or 1 in 3 (Women)? Heart Disease, Stroke, Diabetes, compromised muscle & nerve concerns? Aches, pains and poor circulation? We all have been profoundly affected by rampant, run away disease.

  • Did you know that the healthy cell has a -70 mV membrane potential?LightBulb- PEMF Concerns of Electrosmog -TimeToLightUp
  • The average professional athlete has a -100 mV membrane potential.
  • The average healthy heart cell has -110 mV membrane potential.
  • Cancer cells always equal to or are less than -30 mV.

Pemf Concerns of electrosmog

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Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) Range

The Canadian Environmental Health Department states on their website regarding Canadians exposure to EMFs at extremely low frequencies (ELFs) that:

“On a daily basis, most Canadians are exposed to EMFs generated by household wiring, lighting, and any electrical appliance that plugs into the wall, including hair dryers, vacuum cleaners and toasters. In the workplace, common sources of EMFs include computers, air purifiers, photocopiers, fax machines, fluorescent lights, electric heaters, and electric tools in machine shops, such as drills, power saws, lathes and welding machines”

They also state that: “The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified ELF magnetic fields as “possibly carcinogenic to humans”.

If we work on the two principles of:

  • Do no harm. Eliminating or limiting exposure to conditions that harm our bodies.
  • Supply the body with the proper ingredients it needs for optimal health.

It would be reasonable to assume our bodies would return to or remain in optimal health. There are approximately 70 – 75 trillion cells in the human body. Each cell membrane has over 1 million receptors. Electromagnetic impulses produce resonant vibrations of these membrane receptors to stimulate a variety of functions within the cell. An electromagnetic field applied within the biological window signals all of these receptors simultaneously at the speed of light. If this electromagnetic field is at the appropriate level (7.8 Hz) that corresponds to cellular health then our bodies will present as a finely tuned and functioning healthy organism through improved intercellular communication and intracellular interactions.

So how can we re-tune our cells to resonate at optimal efficiency? Do some research and read on for some PEMF System comparisons.

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