PEMF Benefits

What are some PEMF benefits?PEMF Benefits Live Blood Cell Analysis clumping

This is a picture of live blood cell analysis (mine actually back a few years!). Notice the clumping of the cells? How functional do you think these cells will be at absorbing oxygen, water and nutrients? How do you think I was feeling?

We can experience frustration because we feel we are trying to live a healthy lifestyle, eating well, supplementing with good nutritional products, drinking clean water.. and yet… we maybe are not experiencing the health and wellness we feel that we should be. Keep asking the “why” question and maybe some of your lack of results may be linked to your lack of cellular functionality.

Compare the picture above to the one below.

What if your cells were in an optimal condition for greater oxygen uptake by the cell, greater absorption of water by the cell & greateLive Blood Cell Analysis - healthyr nutritional absorption? What if the cell was more able to remove the waste products because the cell membrane remained open and intact.

Can you imagine this occurring at the speed of light? Can you imagine all 70-75 Trillion cells happy, healthy and whole? What if some of the PEMF benefits even impacted some of the 70-75 Trillion cell functionality? Would that have a profound effect on your organs and the organism (You) those cells live in?

 The perfect body in the perfect world!

How Does PEMF Influence Cellular Health?

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