How PEMF Works

You may be wondering how PEMF works and what PEMF Systems are based on? Most Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Systems work on the following similar principles. An electromagnetic field is produced by electrically charged objects. It is a combination of an electrical field and a magnetic field. The PEMF How does it work - iMRS systemelectrical field is produced by stationary charges and the magnetic field is produced by moving charges (currents). The combination of these two is usually described as the source of the field. It is both individual particles and a continuous, smooth field. Various PEMF Systems will use different sources and different sources will produce different signals which will produce differing results.

Looking at the four aspects used to define these signals will give you the perspective to understand the differences between PEMF Systems and the effectiveness of the signals used. The four parameters are waveform (signal shape), field strength, frequency and resonance. As discussed in EMF Research & Studies, the greatest health promoting effect will take place within the “biological window” of the most appropriate energy spectrum of the above 4 parameters to improve cellular function.

How PEMF Works Through Waveform, Field Strength, Frequency and Resonance


Like the ripple on water this is a disturbance that transfers energy from one point to the next. Waveforms transfer energy through space. Like a boat bobbing over waves the energy waves pass through or in the illustration of the boat – under the bobbing boat.

There are many types of created waveforms. They are created or altered by changing the electrical currents that generate them. Combined cycles of these electrically generated magnetic pulses can be created and therefore enhance the biological effects. Of the above four parameters the waveform or signal is possibly the most important factor in enhancing the effectiveness of the PEMF system. How PEMF Works - Waveform Formations

The greatest impact or peak voltage will occur with the greatest rise and fall time of the waveform. Therefore a simple sine wave with its rounded undulating waveform will produce much less high peak voltage power with the resulting lesser biological effect. One of the most powerful electromagnetic forces can be created with a “sawtooth” signal shape and that of the square waveform. Both produce far more abrupt rise and fall times than the sine waveform. The result of using these formations is a greater biological effect in the cell membrane, inside the cells and in the tissues of the body. See EMF Research & Studies

2. Intensity

Field Intensity is the description of the current flow and direction. It is measured in unit Tesla or Gauss. This is determined, or calculated by the magnetic coil length and the number of turns or “windings” of the coil along with the strength of the electrical current applied to the coil. Research done on the “biological window” associated with field intensity is found to be best optimized at the 7-8 microTesla field range. This is a very low field strength compared to many common appliances (check out the GaussHouse) or extremely low compared to FDA / CSA approved diagnostic magnetic resonance imaging systems such as the MRI. For example the MRI uses field strengths 10,000 to 1,000,000 times stronger than the iMRS System uses.

3. Frequencies

The valley and peak of the electromagnetic wave is counted from one peak to the next and is measured by the amount of peaks or cycles measured in one second intervals. One peak or cycle per second is also known as one “hertz”. This is named after the 19th century German physicist Heinrich Hertz whose electromagnetic wave discovery led to the development of radio or (radio waves).

Just like acoustic frequency volumes can either be pleasant to listen to, too soft to hear or too loud to enjoy the same can be found with electromagnetism. Some are too soft to be perceived by the body, some are pleasant and healthful while other are so loud that they can negatively impact our cells. The term “electrosmog” has been coined to describe these harmful signals that disrupt and in some cases actually knock the ions out of cells, damaging the cells integrity. This is how PEMF works in a negative, destructive way.

How PEMF works in the Ionosphere - Schumann Waves

The optimal range for cellular health appears to be in the range of the Schumann resonances (7.83 Hz) similar to the alpha brain wave frequencies of 7-12 Hz (hertz). (see EMF History)

4. Resonance

The resonance effect is the tendency of a system to oscillate or vibrate with maximum amplitude at certain frequencies. The effect that an external force has on an object to affect or bring it into alignment, timing or resonance with the stimuli being applied was observed by Galileo Galilei in 1602 while he studied pendulums. This can affect the object either positively or negatively depending upon whether the stimuli is at a helpful or harmful vibration. Resonance takes some time to affect or coordinate. This has been found to occur within 8 minutes and in the case of cellular resonance can sustain for 4-6 hours. If our 70-75 Trillion cells and their functions are resonating at an optimal level (biological window) what effect will that have on our overall health? If they resonate at a destructive level what effect will that produce?

The more the PEMF System uses the optimal waveform, field strength and frequency that most closely aligns to the correct “biological window” of the body, the greater the positive effect will be.

How PEMF works - iMRS

How does PEMF work in a system? With Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Systems the objective is to create a positive resonance to the user by the waveform (signal shape), field strength and frequency supplied by the system. See PEMF Systems. The more the PEMF System uses the optimal waveform, field strength and frequency that most closely aligns to the correct “biological window” of the body, the greater the positive effect of resonance will be. The more optimally charged our cellular batteries will be, the more effectively the cell wall will be able to intake water, oxygen and nutrients and the more effectively the cell will be able to push out the waste by-products. (See Research & Studies)


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