What are Your Wellness Goals?


What are your Wellness Goals?

How many of us really know what true wellness feels like? We assume that it is normal to have aches and pains, poor circulation, memory loss, inflammation, lack of energy, stomach & bowel upsets and general non-specific feeling of un-wellness. What are your wellness goals?

The First Step to achieving any goal is to first define what your goal or end result is.

Can you clearly define what wellness would look like for you? Start with some points:

  • Abounding in Energy
  • Fit & Flexible
  • Trim & Toned
  • Clear Mental Focus
  • Stress Slides off Me
  • Satisfied & Satiated with High Quality, Nutritious, Healthful Food & Drink
  • Eat for Energy
  • Aligned & Resonating to Life Promoting Frequencies
  • Optimized Cellular Function…

The Second Step is to personalize and hand write with emotion your now defined goal.

Why personalized , hand written and emotionally charged? This is your goal, your vision, your end result. If you want to impact your subconscious as well as your conscious there are some well documented ways to penetrate our belief system. Our subconscious mind is designed to keep us in our “status quo” as that is what is our state of normal.

What if that state of normal is constantly in stress mode, in dis-ease mode, in poor lifestyle choices. What if that state of normal for you is living in inflammation, living in pain, living in fear of a disease process? It can be very difficult for your mind to believe that you can live in anything other than your present circumstances. Your subconscious mind will even set up ways to “sabotage” your change.

One way to fast track you on the road to change is to start to change your core beliefs. Instead of believing that the circumstances you may find yourself in today are the “truth” you can tell yourself that this is your “past truth” but your present and future truth is your newly defined goal. The more it is personalized by you and filled with the emotion for you to really feel as well as see your new change the easier it will be for your subconscious mind to accept it and move towards it.

What if you don’t really “believe” that this new goal is going to fill you with happiness, fulfillment or joy? What if your belief of your current reality is tied up in some past experiences or very entrenched ways you live life? What if you believe you are happier after you have consumed sugar laden foods, drinks or (dare I say) chocolate chip cookies? Maybe your pleasure for the day revolves around your morning double latte? How difficult do you think it will then be to convince your subconscious mind that you are going to stop these food choices. It will be pretty hard to convince yourself for long that your new choice leads to pleasure and not to pain! Let’s call these “breakthrough belief blockers” as they can very quickly and very powerfully block you from breaking through to your new belief.

What if you have lived with a chronic disease for a long time and who you are is now very tied up with your chronic illness. How easy do you think it will be to follow steps to a goal that is going to change that chronic illness?

The Third Step would then be to learn to recognize your thoughts and self-talk.

Do you hear yourself thinking “this is too hard” or “this is never going to work” or “it doesn’t really matter if I just cheat this one time and miss a treatment or make a lifestyle choice that leads me away from my new goal”? We live our lives making thousands of choices a day. Why do we make the choices we do? Is it mostly based on whether we view a choice as pleasure or pain, positive for me or negative for me or helpful to me or harmful to me? If we can become better at taking a few seconds to question these thoughts that come to our mind when we are about to make a choice of any kind we can now start to have more control over the outcome.  The deeper we peal back that onion skin of our beliefs the more we will be able to understand why we may find it very hard to achieve our goals.This could lead to some amazing breakthrough past experience thoughts. You may find it will open up a brand new world of understanding what “triggers” you to reacting the way you do. Will you maybe find out that some of your beliefs are based on some very old, outdated or opposing thoughts that really in your current situation are no longer true? This can maybe be a bit scary but also very freeing.

Do you base your life on the belief that you deserve and were created to be happy, healthy, loved, and emotionally whole?

It can be a very good question to ponder?

It can be the starting point to real positive change and achievement of your wellness goals.

Feel welcome to call, text or email me.

Take joy in your journey!


Barbara Carr


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