Health Goals

Have you ever felt frustrated and discouraged when the goals you set for yourself in good faith slowly start to fade and recede into oblivion? What kind of goal setting or forward thinking have you done? Have you set any health goals?goal-vision-planning


What were the health goals you set for yourself?

How big a directional change would those new goals have made in your life? We have been taught to make new visions, plans or goals of what we want our lives to be like, different from the realities we are experiencing today. When writing and visioning these new goals we want to be mindful of how strong our subconscious pull is. Our bodies were meant to stay in homeostasis or in balance. Sometimes that balance we are so used to is not based on optimal health or lifestyle. That can be very opposing to what our present reality or current homeostasis is.the-way-forward-circle

So what happens when we embark on a new health goal? When we vision, write and start to speak these new goals as if they are currently true our subconscious mind speaks back to us. It says, “Hold on a minute. This is not true, this is not your current reality, this is a lie!” Now we are caught in a battle of our subconscious view of our current truth vs our new health goals version of our future truth. Our future going forward may actually be sabotaged by our subconscious and we end up circling back to our old lifestyle or reality.

A very profound statement that can help us to understand and now work towards real and lasting change is that:

We act in accordance to the truth as we perceive or believe it to be!

So if our subconscious mind is not believing these new health goals as our truth or current reality, how can we change that? What if we simply work on our belief that this is our reality whethchange-our-beliefer we experience it or not? What if our belief changes by understanding that this is the how our bodies were designed to experience life as happy, healthy, whole, energized, fit, in optimal cellular health? If our subconscious now believed that to be true, what do you think would happen? Would we suddenly find ways to have our health goals become reality?

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